Where it sat for 40 yearsThis was my most ambitious project. It’s a great Double Cab, but it’s got a long way to go to the mother land. The frame is fine, the bed is good, the floors in the cab needs work and the gate is missing. So why do it? Because bringing a bus like this one back from the dead, there is no expectation to reach stock. We want to slam it, and put in a loud fast engine.

I found this when I was looking for my Holy Grail 23 window project.

Fred Olsen is a recluse. His dad grew up in depression, and collected everything. In the quest for one bus, I saw 300 used appliances, and just about every house hold eletronic gadget from 1910 to the late 70’s. This bus had been parked for years. It required the removal of 3 trees, and several hours of work to get it free.

Bringing my baby homeLind from the Samba helped me out with advice about buying buses from Recluse sellers. The key is to express more passion for the bus than they have for the junk. In my case, I was a little overwhelmed with the project, but excited. Lots of mostqitoes that day. But once we got it on the trailer, I was glad I put in the work.

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