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  1. I have enjoyed reading some of your stories relating to life and the “pursuit” . I am in a similar predicament as well , primarily concerned w Porsches , and fortunate enough to be wedded to a wonderfully and equally enthused woman who drives and enjoys CARS . My collection of vehicles at present consists of 13 whole , complete , registered and running/driven vehicles , including a ’66 21 wndw. deluxe Lotus white , purchased in ’90 for $4K that was originally a PSA airport shuttle in Hawaii and a ’57 Oval Rag top Baja bug which is a shop car and pickup sans passenger seat . I post to you to share the pain of the pleasure in the “Pursuit” , as my 21 is not a walk thru and i’m seeking the necessary section from one so that i may graft it into mine . Not sure if i’ve posted to the proper place but hope some good may come of it/this . Our collection includes many early Porsches { ’54 1500S coupe ,’55 Speedster , ’55 Spyder Beck #001 , 3 356 C coupes , ’67 911S , wifes ’00 Boxster } a couple Jags { ’50 Mk 5 RHD Salon , ’65 E Type 4.2 Roadster } and my truck and bikes {’04 F250 Turbo Diesel and Ducati S4R , & Harley XR 1000 } blah blah blahhh i also have a few bicycles , 14 ?! and a few surfboards … and a stamp collection from the ’60’s ! Please inform me as to the possibility of finding a walkthru clip for purchase in the San Diego vicinity {SW USA} . Thanks for what you do and for sharing the pleasure . s

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