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The 1941 PDG4101 Yellow Coach Greyhound Bus

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In September of 2019, after looking at them since 2005, I purchased a Greyhound bus. This is the tale of the first 10 days working on it…

2 thoughts on “The 1941 PDG4101 Yellow Coach Greyhound Bus”

  1. Hi Sage,
    Sorry to hear about your difficulties in Texas.
    I was interested in adopting your project but it sounds like you have decided to keep it and continue on. That’s the spirit!
    If you could use an extra hand putting the motor in let me know. I own my own business and set my own schedule. And am also mechanically inclined. If I can help let me know. Thanks Robin

  2. Bruce Knowling

    Hello Sage connecting from OZ.
    Your projects are scary great and your presentation very pleasant.
    Finding it difficult to navigate your site.
    It might be something to do with my gmail address.
    I’ll keep fiddling.

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