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VW Rescues

My Volkswagen Addiction

I have owned 23 Volkswagens over the year.  Some just came and went, others I have held on to, and a few got away and I miss them.  Explore my nearly 30 year journey.

The Amalgamated Sage Global Action Center

We are in. VW Sage now owns real estate. I have yet to build a loft, there isn’t any heat, but all my VW’s  are safely in the new building and I am ready to move projects forward.  I have welding, painting, and the engine building stations build. We are planning to build the loft

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Moving in

Since I began messing with VW’s in 2006 I have paid $10,800 in rent.  This reflects payments for over 6 years.  I enjoy this hobby, but to not be accruing equity is foolish.  So I have purchased a 30 x 40 pole barn and modified it for storage and my hobby. It will be pretty

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I’m Back

I’ve been gone a long time.  Allow me to explain; I have children.  Getting greasy with bruised knuckles and bloody arms is really fun and all, but kids in order to brew properly, need attention.So, what’s been happening in the last two year?  The best short explanation: Chat and Facebook.  If you are a frequent

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Welcome to VW Sage

This is the story about chasing a dream. Not some perfect dream, more like a short sighted dream. In June of 1993 I bought my first VW Bus. In January 2006 I bought my second. One year later, I have owned over 20 VW’s and I am wondering what went wrong. This is a story

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“But how many run?” 4 words that mock me.

I am getting a little frustrated, or depressed, or just plain hazy lately… It’s fall in my pinky of the world. October has been an amazing month. The weather has been quite cooperative for those of us who don’t want to see the summer be chased by the pending snows of winter. The temperatures have

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