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This was the first VW Ad I ever saw

This is a story of what happens when you chase a dream that is somewhat half baked. That is to say; not well planned. I love VW buses. So much so that I have owned 10 within the span of 1 year. On June 11, 1993 I bought my first bus. On December 17, 2005, I bought my second, then things went to pot. This site is dedicated to any fool who was willing to work hard for something that was so stupid, the people you tell about it don’t just laugh at you, they looked worried and stop sending their kids over to play with yours.

Things to see:

  • Blog Entries are updated when I have time. I am working on the backlog.
  • Sage Ad World I collect Bus Ads, here are most of the US ads for buses.
  • The Log is how I keep track of when things happened
  • Check out my Blog links, they go to some other neat resources VW related.

Just Who is “The Sage”I'm not Sage, but I play him on forums worldwide.

With an employer with no sense of humor, weirdos globally, and just because this is part of my life very few people know I have, you can simply call me Sage. I live in a town where people sometimes just have a tough time understanding hobbies like this one.

Those who I know really well are aware of my VW’s. If I meet you at a VW show (which I am trying to get to more each year) chances are you will get to know more about me.

I have kids, and a wife who employs denial skills when she needs to. I have a good friend who helps me figure things out every now and then, but mostly I am on my own, and that was the plan. I am a office worker type. This means I sit at a computer everyday. I have never had to employ my hands at a skilled labor job, now I do.

Planning a visit to Traverse City?

I have a standing public agreement that I  will buy you a beer if you are traveling through my town in your bus.  Send me an email, or PM me via the Samba and we will make the arrangements.

7 thoughts on “About This Site”

  1. Hi, curious what color the green bus is painted. Do you have the name and color code? I’d love to two tone a bus with that.



  2. cool blog. looks like you are a true blue vw guy. I wish I had more free time. I would love to take a bus on a road trip. I’m sage-green with envy, brother.

    -jesse miller

  3. OH MY God!!!!!!! that VW 412 looks like my mom`s 1974 vw 412 station wagon!!!!! If you have more info about the car please tell me!!!! Also were did you send it to!!!! please reply!!!!!!

  4. Chris,

    Sadly every car that I did not keep went to what is know known as Rifkin Metal Recycling. That 412 was rough, so I harvested the hard to find parts for some friends and it is now likely part of a Ford F150. The nest that I found was sold in 2007 and leveled… The cars were hauled to scrap, so I saved the ones I have in the nick of time. I am working on two other buses in fields right now, and lament as they rust away…

  5. I’m sure you have a manuel called VW for idiots if not get one and your life will be a lot easier I haven’t put the miles on one that you have i’m sure
    but does 400,000 interest you in chatting oh yeah 411 porch work well in one also while the beefed up 1721 sits on a engine stand waiting for the porch to give up the ghost I learned that headers and a propane heater are a good add on as well as a fan for the wind shield You take yours to heart I drive the hell out of mine Ive had mine since 72 it has more bondo in it than steel from the rocker panel to half way up the side Mine goes hunting fishing and a business run out of it Won’t win a trophy at the car show but it has never left me sit
    Later Gator Greg

  6. I live in traverse city and enjoy driving my 1988 vanagon.
    I would love to meet up for a beer.

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