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This is my favorite adThis is the story about chasing a dream. Not some perfect dream, more like a short sighted dream. In June of 1993 I bought my first VW Bus. In January 2006 I bought my second. One year later, I have owned over 20 VW’s and I am wondering what went wrong.

This is a story dedicated to any fool who was willing to work hard for something that was so stupid, the people you tell about it don’t just laugh at you, they looked worried and stop sending their kids over to play with yours.

Welcome and enjoy,

The Sage

5 thoughts on “Welcome to VW Sage”

  1. I have a 1969 Westfalia.
    I blew my first and second gear, but 3rd and 4th still work.
    I brought to a shop and the guy said it is not worth fixing……
    I LOVE MY BUS, I was wondering if you know anywhere where I could find a tranny or even tranny parts. I think it is just the selector fork for 1st and second, but I am not sure where I would get this part either.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Ryan,

    I don’t know where you are located, but there are a number of ways to secure a 3 rib transmission. What shop did you take it to? Also, I would suggest that you use the contact form in the future.

  3. Sage,

    I have picked up a 1969 VW beetle and I warped the head last summer trying to move it with too much mice nesting in the fan shroud etc.

    I have moved recently to Traverse City and I am wondering who I should call in town about rebuilding the head/engine?

    Or should I go with one of these national engine swap companies?


  4. Kevin,

    My advice for the head is to contact Russ Wolfe in Des Moines (find him on The Samba). As for the engine, use my contact form to get a hold of me… I have a mechanic to recommend, but he doesn’t like his name out there.

  5. Bill,Sorry for the delayed reopsnse. It’s a pearl white with some blue added in. Not sure exact color though. Reminds me alot of the Audi pearl white. No track car here. Too much invested in making it pretty.

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