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I’m Back

I’ve been gone a long time.  Allow me to explain; I have children.  Getting greasy with bruised knuckles and bloody arms is really fun and all, but kids in order to brew properly, need attention.So, what’s been happening in the last two year?  The best short explanation: Chat and Facebook.  If you are a frequent user of The Samba, you will know that I am on the site daily, and often in the Chat.  If you have come into Chat for help with your VW, sorry, we tend to be impolite.Chat is where I met many of the people I know from The Samba. But since Russ Wolfe past away, I haven’t been in there as often.  Facebook is getting boring these days too.

So it was time to jump start the hobby.  The  best way to do this is stabilize my facility and build a more permanent shop.  To do this I bought a building.   It’s not sexy, but it’s a great size and it’s big enough to house my buses and other VW’s,

So I move my stuff this month, and I get the hobby back on track.  The next project is to finish the 64 Camper.  I have the body and paint work secured.  I am reworking the engine, and now it’s a matter of putting everything back together.

It feels good to be back in my coveralls getting greasy.

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