Here are the Air Cooled VW’s I have owned or own.

1977 Campmobile1977 VW Campmobile Westfaila – Aquired June 1993, Grand Rapids, MI. Traveled through 21 states, 2 countries. Repainted, Rebuilt engine 2007.

This has been restored completely. Rebuilt top end on the engine, paint completed, new coat on the roof, interior panels restored, and all the missing parts replaced. Let’s face it, I asked my wife to marry me in this bus, and children have been conceived here. This is my baby.

1960 Standard1960 Standard Mango Walk Thru. Purchased in December 2005. Really rough condition, but a rare model. Was ready to restore when I found the VW’s at Fosters. Sold in June of 2006 to buyer in Miami, took 7 months to get the buyer to take delivery. Saw it for sale in 2007 with a working engine and new brakes. I wish I kept this, but too much of a project for a starter.

To this day, people ask me about this bus.

1962 23 Deluxe

1962 Microbus 23 Window Deluxe. Serious project to restore. Frame solid, 85% complete. Have Transmission and Engine built. Plans include a strip and e-coat, and complete interior and exterior resto. 5 year plan.

Have correct seats, engine, all the trim, a RGB Transmission, Glass. I need replacement parts for rockers, rear corners, floor, belly pans, and dog legs. Will need interior wall panels, new upholstery, and various gauges will need to be rebuilt. Found in the “Nest” find along with 21 other VW’s

1965 13 Window Deluxe 1965 Microbus Deluxe Hardtop. Hammered condition, will be a donor for the 23 Window project. Caved in roof, rotted frame, original gas heater, walk thru. If the frame wasn’t gone, it might have been a keeper. The PO cut the wells, and put all kinds of additions to it. Has many valuable parts, but it will be scrapped. Of the22 vehicles I purchased at”The Nest” Only 5 remain. The others had useful parts that went to needy VW owners, but were too far gone.

1961 Double Cab1961 Double Cab This was found at a recluse’s home near me in 2006. Missing the transmission and in need of floors, it is a second tier project. It might get sold prior to me working on it. EDIT: In August 2008, I located a 61 Single Cab that had many donor parts.

It came with a galvanized sheet metal “Tondu” cover that has the original hoops (cut down) weld to it.

1964 Panel After market Camper Conversion Found in a parking lot at the campus of Northwestern Michigan College. Purchased from a student needing to make tuition. Had no interior originally, but I located a good interior in 2006. Purchased February 2006. Engine work fall 2008, brakes in spring 0f 2009.

This will be a fun bus for someone who I will sell it to in 2009.

561958, 1956 Ghia Coupes
Found in the “Nest” find. The 56 could be restored, the 58 is nothing but parts. Will be parted and sold by late fall 2008.

1969 Type 3 Squareback Found in the “Nest” and my wife fell in love. Currently restored without new paint. Engine complete fall 2008. New brakes, interior, tires, and lots and lots of scrubbing. Will eventually paint it, and make sure the heat works. Mrs. Sage plans on this becoming a summertime daily driver. We plan on getting a luggage rack and shoulder belts for the back seat.

1963 Microbus Deluxe 13 Window Decent condition. Purchased in the U.P. at a salvage yard. Owner claimed to have a barn door, but died before I could track it down. Came with an original middle seat. Needs brakes and a good cleaning. Has an unidentified paint color on the M-code. Was originally delivered to Washington DC, but ended up in Wisconsin, then must have broken down in the U.P. Spring 2006.

1969 Westy

1969 Deluxe Westphalia Camper Born the same month I was. Purchased from the original owner in Spring of 2007. Restored engine, cleaned it up, replaced the brakes, did minor repairs. Sold in the spring of 2008 to a mutual friend for the PO and myself. Nice bus, but I had a baywindow camper. Took it on a road trip before selling.


Other VW’s owned but not kept

1973 Deluxe412

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  1. OH MY God!!!!!!! that VW 412 looks like my mom`s 1974 vw 412 station wagon!!!!! If you have more info about the car please tell me!!!! Also were did you send it to!!!! please reply!!!!!!

  2. Hey im interested in some early busses if you know of anyfore sale.

    Shoot me an email or ill check Back here.


  3. I love the single cab/wooden stakebody thing! Have you got more pictures of it? Also my folks had an identical pale yellow Squareback when I was a kid, it was only a few years old and spent more time being towed than moving under its own power. That car turned them against VWs for decades. Great site!

  4. I worked at a small vw shop called funbuggies unlimited in grand rapids during the 80s and 90s. I can almost guarentee I worked on that westfalia and it was owned by a guy named Brian. Im sure of the name because at one point we had three buses that color in the shop and all three were owned by different guys named Brian. I sure miss working on aircooled vws.

  5. have a 65 squareback im restoring. looking for door inside hardware (opening mechanisms)and lowback seats from any year ( ill reapollster and pad, just need frames)
    Got anything?

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