The VW Sage Ad World

The archive of advertisements has been arranged in several ways, which are accessed by using the menu to your left.

Allows you to cycle through every ad on the site in chronological order. There are four controls at the top of the screen: Zoom, Print, Next, and Prev.
  • Zoom opens a separate window with an enlarged view of the ad.
  • Print prints the current ad, including the source and caption.
  • Next and Prev navigate the ads.
This function presents, in thumbnail form, all the ads in a particular category. Select the desired thumbnail page from the pull-down menu(s). You can click on a thumbnail to view the ad in slide form, which features the same four slide-show controls plus a Back to thumbnails control to return to the thumbnail page.

Displays a list of every ad on the site, including sources, in chronological order. Clicking on an ad title will take you to the slideshow entry for that ad.

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